Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rosehub Workshop at Lions Calcutta greater Vidya Mandir School, Kolkata

Rosehub Workshop at Lions Calcutta greater Vidya Mandir School, Kolkata

Anjali Kumari Sharma, V, LCGVM
Rosehub was invited by Ummeed to moderate a paper craft workshop based on the theme of recycling at Lions Calcutta greater Vidya Mandir School, Kolkata, West Bengal on 15 March 2016.  We choose old news paper as the main medium to create different kind of art, craft and activity. During this wonderful workshop we had the pleasure to co-create beautiful art works with more than 130 students within a very limited span of time.
During the workshop

Student are doing art work 

Students are creating collage

Counselors from Ummeed are also took part in the activity

Team Rosehub with the team members of Ummeed

Paper collage is a very fun way to create master peaces. It is easy to render but the results always come outstanding. It nourish the skills of harmony and balance. We are very glad to present some of the most wonderful collage works here with.  

Oendri Das VII, LCGVM

Pinki Banerjee, Counsellor, Ummeed

Sarbani Samanta, Counsellor, Ummeed

Sutanu Biswas, V, LCGVM

Mayukh Banerjee,VI, LCGVM

Deepak Jha, VII, LCGVM

Soumyadip Debnath, VII, LCGVM

Amitava Dasgupta, VII, LCGVM

Diganta Debsharma, VII, LCGVM

Snigdha Mondal,VIII, LCGVM

Debjit Purkanit, VII, LCGVM

Debasrito Chakraborty, VII, LCGVM

Simran Alam, V

Ankita Mandal, V, LCGVM

Rohan Sharma, V,  LCGVM

Supryo Das, V,  LCGVM

Kaustav Das, V,  LCGVM

Shubham Naskar, V,  LCGVM


Dishari Chakroborty, VII,  LCGVM

Prithwijit Dhar, VI