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The ‘rosehubTV’ is one of the most on growing Youtube channel  among its genre. Being fully operational since February, 2015; we are  producing creative drama, documentaries, non fiction, educational  videos on subjects like school education, technology, art and more.  Follow the link to know more:

Here is the list of published videos:

Gap-Sap series: rosehubTV is introducing series of exclusive interviews with phenomenal individuals. Who have distinguish contribution to society in various forms.
  1. Gap-Sap with Dr. Gururaj Deshpande |S01E04
  2. Gap-Sap with Padmashri in Hydrogen Energy Prof. O. N. Srivastava, BHU |S01E03
  3. Gap Sap With PadmaShri in Ayurveda Prof. Ram Harsh Singh from IMS-BHU S01E02 
  4. Gap-Sap with Manish Jain | Popular Science Trainer | Educator | Toy maker S01E01 
  5. Gap-Sap With Pawan Kumar Kupta | Importance of Mother Tongue in Education | S01E05 | Hindi 
  6. Gap-Sap With Dr. R. Balasubramaniam | Founder Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement | S01E06 | English 
Startup India: In this playlist you will find videos related to Startup India, Make in India and Skill India.These videos are produced with the collaboration with IIT-BHU.
  1. Glimpse of Startup Fair 2016 at Technex, IIT-BHU | Full HD |
  2. Suggestions for young Start-ups in India | Technex 2016, IIT-BHU | Startup Fair | Full HD
  3. What is Startup India | Skill India | Make in India | Full HD

Bundelkhand Diary: Bundelkhand is a land of mystery. located in the region of central India, it had been a center of supreme spiritual practices and dynasty politics. 

Budelkhand Diary is a series of travel logs, which we shooted during our journey across Bundelkhand. Featuring Panna, Ajaigarh, Kalinjar, Khajuraho, Dhubela, Orccha etc. In these documentary you will witness the beauty of Bundelkhand and there rich heritage of architecture and culture.
  1. Bikaner Diary Short Documentary on Shivbari Temple (Laleshwar Mahadev Temple) #BikanerDiary EP06
  2. Bikaner Diary Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke (rat temple) #BikanerDiary EP 05
  3. Bikaner Diary Punrasar Balaji Temple #BikanerDiary EP04 
  4. Bikaner Diary Narsingh Chaturdashi #BikanerDiary Ep3 
  5. Bikaner Diary Akha Teej, Foundation day and Kite Festival #BikanerDiary EP2
  6. Bikaner Diary Gangaur Festival #BikanerDiaryEP1 
Children short films: 
Vedic Math-Math Magic Hindi: Find all Math Magic series video in Hindi
  1. Vedic Math learn table up to 100 in a minute Hindi (Math Magic- EP-1)
  2. Multiply any number with 11 in 5 seconds (Math Magic- EP2)
  3. Learn How to find Square of number ending with 5.. (Math magic EP4) Hindi  
  4. fast math trick to multiply to any number near by base 10, 100, 1000, Math Magic Hindi EP-5 
  5. vedic math tricks find square of number in 5 sec. -Hindi Math Magic EP6 
  6. Vedic Math- Multiplication dogging table Up to 1000- in 1 minute- Hindi Math Magic EP7 
  7. Vedic Math Fast addition trick for large number Math Magic EP-9 Hindi 
  8. Vedic math Square of a Numbers 40 to 60 Hindi math magic EP-10 मैथ मैजिक 
  9. Vedic Math how to square any numbers fast - Math Magic Hindi EP18 
  10. How to add number from 1 to 100 in few seconds math magic EP 17 
  11. math time tables up to 100 easy and fast method of new vedic math #MathMagic EP-16
  12. Fast math trick- find cube root of any number in 2 sec in Hindi Math Magic- EP15 
  13. fast multiplication trick 2 digit to 2 digit Hindi Math Magic EP8  
  14. Vedic math Be a human calculator learn how to multiply by 9, 99, 999....(Math Magic EP3- Hindi) 
  15. how to do square upto 100 in your head Hindi math magic EP-14 मैथ मैजिक 
  16. How to multiply number faster than calculator under 20 Hindi Math Magic EP-13 मैथ मैजिक 
  17. Times table trick using your hands math magic Hindi EP-12 मैथ मैजिक 
  18. use your hand calculator fast nine table trick Hindi math magic EP-11 मैथ मैजिक 

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