Thursday, October 26, 2017

3 Day Workshop at MCIIE (IIT BHU)

Rosehub conducted a 3 Day residential Maths and Science workshop, for the Children of Scholar Public School, of the Chandauli District. The workshop was conducted from 22nd October to 24th October 2017.

Team Rosehub with kids

Scientific Toys
Children learned about astonishingly useful scientific toys, Using Scrap

Straw spinner

2nd half of the 1st day of the Residential Workshop was enriched by a unique presentation by Avishek Kumar from Garden On Concrete: एक कदम हरियाली की ओर. He conveyed the student about how to solve the problem of various pollutions by spreading greenery through the waste management method.

Avishek discussing about Garden on Concrete with children

Classical Music
Students from Scholar Public school got to visit the prestigious Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University. They not just listen to the presentation by an eminent professor of the faculty; also visited the Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum of Indian Classical musical instruments.

Students at Faculty of Performing Art (BHU)

Creative Practices
Students from Scholar Public School got the chance to meet Neetu Shukla. She is one of the leading designer and media person of Varanasi, India and the founder-owner of Perfect8design. She briefly discussed the importance of Creative practices and value of self-confidence.

Neetu Shukla Founder of Perfect8design

A Visit to the international Award winning Fuel Efficient Car
On the morning of 3rd day, at the residential workshop by Rosehub at Technology Business Incubator MCIIE IIT BHU; 32 children from Scholar Public School got the chance to meet the Team Averera, a unique organisation of student of IIT (BHU) Varanasi who are developing a super fuel-efficient car to challenge the problem of global warming and fuel scarcity.

A fuel efficient car by Team Averea 

Shapes ut of Sticks.

3rd day of the residential workshop at Technology Business Incubator MCIIE IIT BHU was about making 3D geometric shapes out waste materials.

Students are making Platonic Solids using Bicycle valve tube

A Glance on Hygiene

Children got the chance to meet Mr. Saurabh Sareen from Sanipreneur, a unique NGO and startup from Varanasi that is providing revolutionary services in public sanitation and hygiene. He elaborate his ideas and practices to solve the problem of open defecation, women's dignity and challenges faced by the handicapped and aged peoples.

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